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2015: Year in Review

By Shane Anastasi - Chief Executive Officer

2015 was a great year for CirrusCPQ! We have experienced incredible growth at our company, fueled by unprecedented interest in the CPQ space. We've more than doubled our talented team in the last 6 months again and delivered some of our most complex go-lives to date.

More broadly, this has been a huge year for CPQ. Spending time at both DreamForce and Oracle OpenWorld, I'm truly amazed at how far CPQ has come since I entered the industry in 2007. In 2009, BigMachines would have had a small but sizeable presence at DreamForce or OpenWorld. Fast forward to today, where at every Enterprise Cloud tradeshow CPQ has completely taken over. It truly dawned on me this year that CPQ has entered a completely new level. When I entered this market, I never imagined the scale that this space would achieve.

All that being said, we've still just scratched the surface of this movement! Quoting is central to front-office transformation, yet CPQ penetration rates are still far lower than CRM or other sales enablement tools. The principle reason that we see for this is the complexity of adopting the solution. At CirrusCPQ we're committed to reducing the complexity and working alongside our clients to migitate the risk of the implementation in their sales organization and supporting the solution long term. We look forward to working with our customers, new and existing, to fully realize the value of CPQ through innovating in the services space to allow our clients be successful as quickly as possible. Our goal is quite simply to be the best CPQ consulting firm on the planet. We will continue to strive towards this goal by:

  • Always knowing what DONE looks like 
  • Having the best trained, best prepared consultants on the planet
  • Looking for new ways to make the implementation processes smoother and faster
  • Choosing simple, elegant solutions in lieu of complex over-engineered processes
  • Focusing on creating second-to-none user experiences

We're looking forward to 2016 and beyond. We have some incredibly exciting announcements right around the corner including introduction of new services and ways to maintain your CPQ solution with the help of our experts on staff. From all of us at Cirrus, Happy New Year!