inside CirrusOne

Let's Build Something New

By Shane Anastasi - Chief Executive Officer

For quite a while now, I’ve worked in the professional services arena and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Traveling to customer sites around the world, working with customers and consultants from all walks of life and, for the most part, helping them improve their careers through the delivering of great business solutions.

What I enjoy about professional services delivery is the constant effort to create something new. Whether that be a new solution for a customer, a new career for a consultant or simply just a new way of doing the same old thing. It is only by going through many unrealistic and crazy ideas that we find the few that make enough sense to actually give them a try. The reality is there is no shortage of ideas, but finding the ones that are truly different and yet have all the hallmarks of success are rare.

This is how I see CirrusOne. I see a rare chance for us to build something new and unique in a market that is ready to explode. The crazy idea of dedicating ourselves to the field of CPQ across multiple platforms gives us a clear leadership position in all things CPQ. It gives us a chance to create new ways of approaching the problem without being bound to antiquated but necessary constructs of general systems development. Being focused on CPQ also helps us to rethink the approach to CRM as we believe that CPQ is at the heart of effective selling. If that’s true, then inserting CPQ into an existing CRM system is like giving it a heart transplant. It’s complicated, and it needs to be done carefully and correctly if the patient is going to survive and thrive.

At the same time, we must a find a way to create a better consulting firm. Something new and exciting that can breathe life into an art form that is somewhat hidden amongst the industries we serve. Every industry has its consultants and yet few of them ever stand out unless they become behemoths and by then, it’s a fair chance that quality, dedication and care have given way to process and risk mitigation.

Through our dedication to the consulting craft and adopting the mantel of “Project Sherpas”, we demonstrate a desire to be both courageous and fallible in front of our clients. If we don’t dare to lead, then our chances of repetitive success are slim. Yet by doing so, we are also deliberately placing ourselves in harm's way in an environment that is not without its dangers. If we have trained hard and if we believe in ourselves then we will safely guide our customers to success.

I am very honored to be joining this team. I believe strongly in the CirrusOne philosophy and our ability to hire great people. The road to something new is never easy. It’s going to be difficult and dangerous at times. But if we do it as a team and keep ourselves true to our commitments then it will be immensely rewarding and fun.