inside CirrusOne

CirrusCPQ is now CirrusOne

By Erich Rusch - Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder

We are pleased to announce CirrusCPQ has changed its name to CirrusOne and introduced a new corporate identity and brand.    

While we still believe quoting is the foundation of Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solutions, the market has changed in ways that have led us to broaden our focus.  The new market direction has allowed us to expand beyond CPQ and leverage new technologies to transform modern enterprise selling.  

As back office processes shift towards the front office, our customers are demanding more tightly integrated Quoting, Billing, Customer Success, and Channel Selling solutions.  Oracle, Salesforce, Gainsight and our other partners are rapidly moving to meet this need by designing these solutions to work together from the ground up through common, extensible data models.  As a result, next generation Quote-to-Cash (QTC) solutions will integrate more seamlessly than their predecessors, effectively reducing initial setup costs and long-term maintenance which will result in lower total cost of ownership.  All of this is unfolding amidst the broader market trend of companies moving to modern cloud technologies.  As this innovation occurs, customers require a truly unique services firm with expertise in multiple areas to help them realize the full value of these solutions.

To meet this market need, we’re bringing our enterprise grade delivery model backed by our trusted principles to address these new products and verticals.  Customers will no longer need to select multiple system integrators to deploy CPQ, Billing, CLM (contract lifecycle management), and customer success management technologies when selecting a vendor to transform their front office.  Put simply, CirrusOne can serve as the customer’s one cloud company.

We can help customers understand how to best implement and leverage these solutions together. In addition, CirrusOne is automating many common aspects of these projects with offerings like Enablement Packages for Salesforce or FastTrack for Oracle CPQ Cloud.  These products package our world class architecture, code libraries, and business practices into reusable, easy-to-deploy solutions to help our customers achieve speed-to-value like never before. 

We’re proud to introduce CirrusOne to the world and truly excited about the direction the market is headed. Our expertise in enterprise grade implementations coupled with an innovative, principle-led approach to consulting positions us well for our next phase of growth.  


To learn how we can simplify your QTC deployment and fully leverage its capabilities for your organization, please contact us.