Simplus + SpringCM



Simplus and SpringCM are partnered to let work in your Salesforce instance flow freely.


Here’s how it’s done:

  • Automated Contract Processes
  • Configurable Document Management Workflows
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Secure Cloud-Based Platform

Contract Management

A contract process down 75%?
Is that really possible?
With SpringCM, it is.

SpringCM helps you manage contracts through their entire lifecycle—generation to renewal. This makes for increases in revenue and time while also decreasing operational expenses. Anyone dealing with contracts in your business—not only the legal and sales teams—will reap the benefits of SpringCM contract management.

  • Use a true central repository to store, share, and search for contracts easily.
  • Organize contracts using an intuitive folder structure for easy search functions.
  • Utilize the Doc Launcher to generate contracts quickly and securely.
  • Discover bottlenecks before they’re a problem using in-depth tracking and reporting tools.
  • Avoid risks with clause libraries and advanced version control to make sure you’re using the most updated information.

Document Management

Just like with contracts, you can get your documents in order so that fumbling around for just the right PDF, presentation, or folder is unheard of. As all these documents move and are updated by countless hands, SpringCM manages each of them for fast and secure collaboration. This isn’t just for one type of file—it’s for all files used in your business processes. No more backpedaling to the latest version or wasting time just locating a document. SpringCM automates document management in a custom way to fit your needs.

  • Use a central repository to cut down on content search time.
  • Collaborate within and outside your company, and collaborate fast with version control.
  • Take advantage of the advanced automation feature to make sure document-centric workflows happen as efficiently as possible.
  • Utilize custom tagging capabilities to organize your documents in the best way for your business.
  • Discover improved workflow governance with Doc Launcher, allowing automatic document template exposure.

Salesforce Integration

Best of all, everything SpringCM has to offer can fit perfectly into your Salesforce instance.


As two of the few Salesforce Platinum Partners, SpringCM and Simplus are a match made in heaven.

Together, we allow your business to drive more leads with automated contract and document processes.

  • The central repository is located directly in Salesforce, so any account, opportunity, or case can be searched.
  • Documents are clearly visible at the Account or Opportunity level in Salesforce.
  • Deliver collateral to prospects quickly with automated processes.
  • Streamline contracts for increased productivity with each Salesforce opportunity.
  • Maintain constant process awareness with reminders and status checks on contracts.

Cloud Security

SpringCM is the first FedRAMP-compliant contract management solution. This means SpringCM is authorized, so federal agencies are able to meet government security needs while still streamlining their processes with SpringCM. Billions of documents, countless workflows, contracts upon contracts . . . all safely managed using SpringCM’s platform.

SpringCM has also completed Cloud Security Alliance’s questionnaire and is compliant with countless other levels and authorizations.

Basically, you can be sure that your business is secure with SpringCM.

Your workflows SpringCM’s platform

Simplus’ implementation consulting

= Some seriously streamlined and efficient processes