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Oracle CPQ + Salesforce CRM: A winning combo for the enterprise

by Erik Mead

Like peanut butter and jelly, yin and yang, or Sonny and Cher, some things are just better together. Add to this list Oracle CPQ and Salesforce CRM: the most robust and comprehensive Quote-to-Cash and customer management integration ever created.

Both Oracle CPQ and Salesforce CRM are top pedigree, best-in-class enterprise-level platforms. And most of the business world already knows it to be true—80% of OCPQ sits on top of Salesforce, making it the most common CPQ and CRM integration around.

So, what makes this duo a match made in heaven for your enterprise? Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits that Oracle CPQ offers and how it meshes perfectly with Salesforce CRM.


Oracle CPQ benefits

Oracle is one of the most widely recognized and successful CPQ vendors available today. In fact, earlier this year, Gartner named Oracle one of the leaders in the CPQ space.

Let’s run down some of the unique benefits of choosing to adopt Oracle as your CPQ provider:

Lightning capability: Oracle has heavily invested and has a leading-edge position in the use of Lightning, the powerful CRM and sales configuration tool from Salesforce.

Global platform: Oracle CPQ is a worldwide platform that runs in over 22 languages—truly a global CPQ solution.

Highly-integrative: OCPQ is the most enterprise-grade CPQ platform with a multitude of clients, touting over 5,000 end-user rollouts. As such, it is the most well-suited vendor for enterprise-wide scale rollouts. And, Oracle CPQ plays well with most other CRM vendors, such as Microsoft and Salesforce, making the addition of other applications easy.

Expert track record: Oracle CPQ started as Big Machines and has almost 20 years of development investment to productize the best solution for managing complex deals with different revenue streams and terms.


Oracle CPQ + Salesforce CRM

Merging your configure, price, and quote processes with your customer database is the quickest and easiest way to streamline your opportunity-to-order efforts. Oracle CPQ and Salesforce CRM are the perfect fit for the job, and the two offer the most optimal combination of best performance systems.

Proven solution: Oracle’s managed package has been available on the Salesforce AppExchange for over a decade and is part of the proven ecosystem of business integrations. The integration is mature, robust, and proven, and “Oracle CPQ Cloud was voted the best Quoting App on the AppExchange five years in a row.”

Simple integration: The integration is point-to-point using standard web services between Oracle CPQ Cloud and Salesforce. This means there is no additional need for middleware.

Unified selling experience: Reduce platform toggling and swivel and gain access to all of your data in one platform. Run Oracle CPQ in a metaframe within Salesforce CRM and allow visibility into all parameters including quotes, products, opportunities, contacts, subscriptions, and renewals.

Sales process improvement: Increase your margins and close bigger deals. Gain greater forecasting through the ability to connect your opportunities to your quotes. Other integrative components such as guided selling and cross-sell/up-sell suggestions will simplify and speed up your selling process. This is also sure to improve the overall adoption of your CRM platform with your users.


Simplus has the expertise with Oracle CPQ and Salesforce CRM

Simplus is one of the leading experts in the implementation and management of both Oracle and Salesforce platforms. We have the knowledge and experience to get your Oracle CPQ + Salesforce CRM solution up and running accurately with quick time-to-value.

CRM+CPQ projects require a high level of alignment due to the interconnected nature of the platforms and processes, and Simplus has the expertise on both platforms to provide a seamless partner experience for your organization. We have the competency to execute with both Oracle CPQ and Salesforce CRM platforms for the highest success and satisfaction rates. You need an SI that can truly guide and advise the CPQ journey and integration process.

Simplus will look at the whole picture and understand how CPQ integrates and plays with CRM and other third-party solutions you might be utilizing. Let us lead you on your Oracle CPQ and Salesforce CRM journey today.


Erik MeadErik Mead is an account executive for the Oracle practice at Simplus. A leader at CirrusOne before joining Simplus, Erik brings a mix of technical and business perspective to lead-to-cash conversations centered around CPQ.

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